Review Nokia C7, Affordable Version of N8

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NOKIA C7 is expected as an affordable version of the N8 because of its smaller, some features that carried even lower, and the price is cheaper than the N8.

The first impression of concern is the touch screen. Unlike the iPhone's touch screen or HTC, which are both not easily scratched because of friction, at least they do not require a protective coating such as screen embedded in the C7. Protective screen that is more easily scratched even make a touch screen Nokia C7 seemed dirty.

In addition to staining the perfect screen protector screen, the whole design is quite impressive that carried C7 elegant product, decent carry everywhere. Not enough for you to just view the pictures, Nokia C7 more tasteless 'kick' if already in hand. Even the weight is still quite mild, only approximately 130 grams, with the form of a long and slender dimensions 117x56x10 millimeters. Moreover, the front display (home screen) on C7 screen can be customized to several types. This means that the user is possible to create up to three customizable home screen with various widgets and shortcut menus on each screen.

At the bottom of the screen there are buttons on / off that flank the menu button. Charger port located at the left side of the phone while on the other side there is a camera shutter button, lock the screen, and sound volume control. Like other Nokia phones, C7 shutdown button located at the top position adjacent to the USB port and handsfree hole.

Mobile phone technology that carries the GSM / UMTS or 3.5 G was carrying two cameras. Front camera with VGA resolution can be used for video calls, while the rear camera is the main camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Unlike previous Nokia phone that delivers 3G video call option after you enter the destination phone number in C7 video call can only be done with a number that has been included in the list of contacts. Front camera can also be used to take photographs, only its VGA resolution makes the picture less than satisfactory results although the memory size for one photo VGA only 31 Kb. Therefore, you should use the main camera located behind. Besides being equipped with F2.8/4.3 sized lens, this camera is also equipped with two flash lamps that will ensure the picture looks quite clear, even in the dark though. Resolution is approximately 1832x3264 pixels with a size of one image takes approximately 543 Kb of memory.

Rear camera, which is flanked by two speakers to sound out, is also able to make a video with quality ranging from high definition format MP4, and 3GP television display quality. HD quality video resolution of 1280x720 pixels with a capacity reaching approximately 12 085 bitrate kbit / sec or setera with 25 frames per second. Photos and videos can be directly edited in the C7 by using applications that have been integrated in it. Users can edit photos, either to rotate, resize, crop, put clip art, effects, draw, bubble, frame, remove red eye, giving the stamp, animation, and more. While video editing applications can be done also in the C7 without having to move video to the PC. Here users can even create videos that assembled from existing photographs, or a combination of photos and video.

For business video, C7 also provides additional direct access to video from leading foreign media, like YouTube, the video belong to National Geographic, Movie Teaser, E! Online, and CNN video. All these applications can be added by downloading directly via Ovi Store. The same also applies if the user wants to download the latest games at C7. But for the radio, users can simply enjoy it by looking for existing FM channels automatically or manually.

Nokia tried to classify the features with similar functions into one foler. One is the social networking features that go into a specific folder. To open, you not only need an internet connection but also to go through Ovi account. If you do not memilii Ovi account so impossible you can go to social networks that exist in the C7. But if it is entered through Ovi, you will be presented with not only up, but also Twitter and RenRen. This last name is one of China's largest social networking formerly Xiaonei.

OS carried homemade Nokia makes C7 does not depend on the application made by other companies, including maps and location applications that can be obtained via the Ovi Maps. Help satellites that can detect the presence of mobile phones capable of making direct C7 to the streets in question. Ovi Maps embedded is the latest version so as to show the streets anywhere in Indonesia. Even the maps Ovi allows users to share location, of course with fellow owners Ovi account.

For connection, C7 equipped with wifi signal capture capabilities and technology transfer via bluetooth version 3.0. For a transfer using a USB cable, the resulting speed can reach 5.5 Mb / sec. When USB cable is plugged, the phone will not only be prepared to transfer the data but also at the same time charging. If using Bluetooth 3.0, the speed of transfer from device to device reached 24 Mb / sec

Mobile phones based on Symbian OS ^ 3 is equipped with three storage spaces, ie phone memory with a capacity of approximately 500 MB, Mass Memory with 8GB capacity, and also a Micro SD external memory. C7 is also equipped with a browser system ver. 7.2, Flash software version 4.0 and Java version 2.1.

C7 battery strong enough to active operation for two days. For the standby period is expected to reach twice the operational durability. Features the largest energy-consuming is the brightness of the screen. For maximum brightness can consuming energy about 10 to 20 percent. Browsing activity is also capable of consuming considerable energy on the batteries C7.


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