Nokia Opening the Door for Phone Windows 7

Posted by tottx Tuesday, December 21, 2010 0 comments
Some argue will use an operating system other than Symbian and MeeGo, suddenly Nokia rumored to be opening the door for Phone Windows 7, Microsoft's. What about its prospects?

According to one analyst from IDC named Al Hilwa, if later Nokia so adopt Phone Windows 7, would be holding a benefit for Nokia.

"Competition fierce and hardware companies such as Samsung and LG have made a huge profit on the side of the device by being agnostic and opportunistic," wrote Al Hilwa, who launched eWEEK, Tuesday (12/21/2010).

In addition, if Nokia Ko adopt Windows 7 Phone, of course, would be a boon both for Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Former Microsoft executive, previously has been successfully make a deal with Nokia, to bury an Office application on Symbian.

"I would say that Windows 7 Phone is far greater harmony between the two," added Hilwa.

Microsoft already has a software partnership with Nokia to extend back to August 2009, when the two companies announced that the mobile version of Microsoft Office will come to your Nokia smartphone. At that time, Nokia also began working on optimizing Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for the device, allowing for more efficient access to email and personal information.


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