Nokia has sold 4 million N8

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The year 2010 has been completed and the companies beginning to write budgets. While Samsung said it sold 10 million S Galaxy, Nokia has not yet accounts for its pointing device: the model N8, the terminal Symbiand ^ 3.

The accounts in his pocket, however, makes them Inderes, an independent Finnish, monitornando average sales distribution channels, Nokia estimates that were sold between 3.5 and 4 million N8.

Figures are low compared to sales of the top models of Samsung and Apple. Nokia, however, has a very large catalog of smartphone, also data Inderes not consider direct sales to business channels.

Blackberry Shortcut

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The number of Blackberry users have made this device more often unexplored. Some of the buttons in the Blackberry qwerty keypad is also predicted to save many secrets if combined.

Shortcut Navigation on Blackberry e-mail
N: for the next email
P: for previous email
U: for unread emails

Shortcut to navigation in the browser
Q: top content
B: content bottom
[space]: to scroll down
[shift / Aa the left] and [space] to scroll to the top
[alt]: display the options menu in your browser

Information access devices, both the PIN, IMEI and others
press the [alt] + [Aa] + [H] together
through the status menus can also, although the process is much longer

Restart Blackberry (if you have a hang)
[alt] + [Aa-right] + [del]

To follow twitter account from your Blackberry can also be done shortly. But the condition, you must activate the Twitter application for BlackBerry (API) first.

1. Select compose email
2. write down the address of the intended twitter account, complete with an @ in front.
For example: @titHOT
3. press menu option will appear under the menu menu Follow Get Timeline
4. Press follow, you just have to be connected with the intended twitter.
5. Get Timeline menu can also be pressed to display the timeline in a twitter account automatically referred.

Caring for BlackBerry

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BlackBerry Problems are sometimes faced by users of the BlackBerry is a problem loading the start slowing down or show signs of 'hourglass' constant. This is of course very disturbing activities in the use of mobile phones made by RIM.

But it could have been avoided if users are diligent cleaning 'innards' of the BlackBerry. Because basically, clean up the software in the smart handheld device has to be done at least 3 days.

The following troubleshooting steps that BlackBerry users can do to make your smart phone will not experience significant problems and 'healthy' always;

1. MemoryUp Personal
Refresh the memory on the BlackBerry can use an application called MemoryUp Personal. This application can be obtained free of charge on the BlackBerry App World. Not only able to clean, this application also gives how much memory is already in use.

How to clean it, after download please go to the application, and pressing the icon on your BlackBerry. Select the menu "Quick Boost", and press. MemoryUp Personal Leave that will work, usually there will be seven stages of 'cleansing'.

2. Browser Cleaning
Once we do browsing using the browser on your BlackBerry device, the device automatically saves the 'history' of the site that we have open. It is indirectly, this can make our BlackBerry to be slow.

How clean is easy, when you open one there in the BlackBerry browser, press your BB icon and select 'Go To', then tap the BB again, select 'Options', then' Cache Operation ', then press the' Clear history , then press 'Clear'. History sites on this browser has also been removed.

3. Cleaning memory
Its function is almost the same as MemoryUp Personal, but this is much more specific. How, select 'Options' and select 'Security Options', after which it will appear 'Memory Cleaning', change 'disable' to 'enable', after modified to enable press the BB, then select 'Clean Now', wait for the next process.

Once completed, return to the position of disabled then save.

4. Remove Applications which have been Unistall
Applications that are not used anymore is easily delete any manner. However, it does not make application to delete will be completely erased. It would be very disturbing if the update of the application will appear, and not in accordance with the OS are used. The only way is to remove permanently.

The trick is, go to BB App world, go into My World which is on the bottom right. Once entered, then press ALT with R, S, T simultaneously.

Please do these steps on a regular basis for 3 days. Undoubtedly your BlackBerry will be far from the problem of interference delay. Good luck!