Canon PowerShot A2000IS With Optical Zoom 6x

Posted by tottx Thursday, November 13, 2008 7 comments
Yes, we got a long, long optical zoom camera in a compact point-and-shoot. Expectations are now so true through the presence of Canon PowerShot A2000IS.
With a compact body and slim enough, PowerShot A2000IS give ability on the 6x optical zoom lens with a range of 36 to 216 mm (35mm equivalents). Consequently a distant object can now look more closely and focus, without the need to approach us. Results bidikannya looks quite good when enlarged, especially if we choose the maximum resolution, 10 megapixel.
Picture Stabilizer
Hands shaking effects with the PowerShot A2000IS photographs can be minimized through the features Image Stabilisation (This is the meaning of the series is ending A2000IS camera). There are three options multiplied images stabilizer are available: continuous (always on), shot only (only when the button is pressed SHUTTER) and panning (when the track moving subjects).
Now the system is also supported by the motion sensor technology that put the camera or subject movement. If activated in the auto high ISO mode, the ISO will be upped certain level (80 - 800) without causing too much noise. When this feature is active, we can use the speed SHUTTER lower to produce a sharp image. But it is a Continuous vote will cause power spent battery power more quickly.
Automatic STORE
Like PowerShot type A series, this camera can be operated without 2000IS out about thanks to implement. Understandably nearly all the amenities completely automated, so we do not need to scramble for example, set the white balance. Live to play Modd Dial icon in accordance with the situation. Virtually on almost all multiplied, the need to set the image resolution is large and active / not flash.
For photographs of children and pet animals that are often moving, for example, play only mode dial to the image of children and dogs (Kids and Pets mode). Want to take pictures at night? Play with Dial Mode to the image of people with a background of the crescent moon and the tower (Night Shot mode). Need to take pictures in the room? Play Mode Dial similar to the image of ice cream (Indoor Mode), so you do not need to fuss manually turn the flash.
In addition, available SCN mode will be presenting a selection of Night Scene, Sunset, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium, and ISO 3200. Need to move the recording scene (the movie)? Play Mode Dial to the future, namely, to the camera image-legged, alias Movie Camera. There, we still can choose between Standard and Compact.
If this still felt less easy, especially for beginners, one of the special is available that is multiplied Easy (red heart icon on the Mode Dial). In moda Easy, all the settings have been set. The only remaining option to enable / disable the flash. O yes, related to flash, flash back time is now faster (than previous PowerShot series), which is about 4 seconds.
To Be Continued...