Microsoft Partners: 1.5 Million Delivered Windows 7 Phone in 6 Weeks

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Finally, Microsoft has revealed the first official figures on sales of terminals with the new operating system Windows 7 Mobile. According to estimates published, were sold (from producers to traders and official retailers) 1.5 WP 7 million smartphones in the first six weeks after launch.

Record sales volumes delivered to referring to the terminal operators and retailers is a standard in this industry and Microsoft is keen to stress, and treats the numbers provided to those usually reported by other companies such as Nokia, Samsung or LG.

As always, the spread of these numbers has triggered reactions of various kinds. On Twitter, many people declared bankruptcy, comparing the sales of WP7 in six weeks to those of Android / iPhone in less than one week. This type of reaction is disproportionate and every aspect should be considered in context: WP7 is a completely new platform, a challenge for Microsoft and for users who decide to try it and 1.5 million phones sold (even if sales channels retail) is still a good number.

Microsoft and partners are almost to the point of smartphones to deliver 1 million per month, or 12 million phones WP7 year, so not a staggering number, but even a premature failure as determined by some. Consider that were sold 6 million iPhones of the first models in 12 months and Google has put us six months to deliver the first Android million handsets at launch.

So, if we look at the numbers provided by Microsoft and compare them with the data set just for the iPhone and Android, WP7 is doing better than the two predecessors at the same moment in history. True, Microsoft has started the adventure with many more partners from the manufacturers own part in many more countries and telcos with more than Android and iPhone at the beginning and the smartphone market is now larger and more widespread.

Trying to forget the many "if" and various "but" we should keep an eye on what happens with the Christmas sales and just get the first update for Windows 7 Phone, trying to think about the long term.

Synchronization and Backup Your BlackBerry with Linux through LinBerry

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The faithful who use a BlackBerry for business or pleasure, as this will not go much agree with all the computers other than Windows. This was valid up to a year ago when RIM, in a move counter to other competitors, the official version released for Mac.

Since then, water under the bridge saw many, issue after issue, up to the implementation of very useful features such as wireless transfer. However, a good chunk of users must resort to tricks to make anything easier when using the Linux operating system. To offer them the features of synchronization, backup and more thinks LinBerry specific software for Ubuntu 10.10 and the other most common distributions able to speak to the newer models with that operating system.

The software is in the early versions, but lends itself very well and it works fine, as long as you are comfortable with the Spanish language. At the moment, in fact, the application only in Spanish-language.

Pantech Vega X Android smartphone with DDR2 Memory

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If the LG Optimus 2X is the first Android smartphone with dual-core processor, the Pantech Vega X, announced recently, touched the record for the allocation of RAM. The Vega X, in fact, shows off a sparkling DDR2 memory.

Pantech Vega XAs those familiar with computers will know, the transition from old to date provided DDR1 DDR2 smartphones to bring a substantial increase in performance (1.5x faster), especially considering the already tested 1GHz Snapdragon.

All this for better performance for navigation, 3D games and applications, so that by Pantech announced that the new smartphone could undermine the very existence of the PC. Threats and technological scenarios aside, should be 512 MB of memory in the Vega X in addition to the 4-inch WVGA display and 5 megapixel camera. To manage it all there will be Android 2.2.

LG Optimus One, Navigation Application Thus Mainstay

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LG released the Android phone called Optimus One. This phone is not put forward the super-sophisticated specification, these products actually promote the navigation system in it.

LG is somewhat less diligent in releasing Android phones. Not without reason, the Korean handset manufacturer is apparently still looking for the right time to mobilize all the champion.

However, it does not mean it makes LG stops refreshing its product line. Their latest flagship is Optimus One. What are the capabilities?

Steady grip
LG Optimus OneOptimus Form One is not much different from its predecessor, elegant with minimalist buttons. This phone brings measuring 3.2 inch screen capable of displaying resolutions up to 320 X 480 pixels. This means users will get a fairly sharp image.

This phone also feels right at hand, especially rubber material embedded in the back makes it easy to slippery. While grasping, the thumb was not difficult to use for navigation. Each touch is so smooth and precise.

14 Application Ready to Eat
When thrown on the market, promising LG phone has been equipped with 14 applications that are fun. One of them NDrive, which is equipped with navigation applications offline map in it.

Indeed, any Android phone users can taste NDrive but will be charged a subscription fee. Especially for owners of Optimus One, the application can be enjoyed free of charge forever.

Map available at NDrive also fairly detailed, complete with voice navigation and display 3-dimensional structure.

Besides NDrive, LG Optimus One also comes with 13 other applications in between, OI File Manager, Shazam, Movie Finder, Bumb, Display, Foursquare and others.

In addition to providing applications from third parties, LG also buried his application namely, Application Advisor. Function, the application will recommend applications are most interested in Android.

Given there are over 300 thousand applications in the Android market, the LG-made program assumes it can be very helpful.

Optimus One is equipped with 600MHz processor with 512 MB memory capacity. So obviously if the viscera are not the advantages of this phone, but the navigation applications that are difficult to find the product class.

Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity, Music Streaming Service from Sony

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Japanese electronics giant, Sony Corp., eventually launching a streaming music service "Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity" on Wednesday (12/22/2010). This service will compete with Apple's iTunes music store.

However, unlike iTunes, the music service does not provide download services. All tracks are only accessible by streaming through the Sony-made device that is connected to the internet such as the PlayStation 3 and Bravia TVs. To access via cell phone or MP3 player Walkman while not yet done, but promised to be immediately available.

"We realized if we go with the same model (with iTunes), it is difficult to direct popular among users," said Kazuo Hirai, Sony's executive vice president. To access the list of tracks available, customers must register. Total has been available for more than 6 million songs that can be enjoyed from these Qriocity service.

This service will begin to be introduced in the UK and Ireland and soon overtake Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and next year to the United States. Brsa music complements the video on demand service which Sony first launched in the U.S. and several European countries with the same umbrella.

Toshiba Pioneered the first 3D LCD TV Without Glasses

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To enjoy a three-dimensional content on the TV screen during the audience is always obliged to use special glasses. However, from now on, it no longer. Toshiba has pioneered the LCD TV products that can display 3D images without depending on glasses again, can directly be enjoyed with the naked eye.

This TV went on sale in Japan on Wednesday (12/22/2010). Currently only available model that GL1 REGZA 12-inch. One unit was sold quite expensive, which is 119,800 yen or about 1435 U.S. dollars. Models with more screen width of 20 inches will follow the weekend.

Not easy to display three-dimensional images that can be directly visible to the naked eye on the LCD screen. So far, other producers just apply it on the small screen, such as Sharp, which introduced it to the smartphone. Nintendo is also using such technology in video game device Nintendo 3DS.

Toshiba technology that enables digital image is presented with viewpoints different to be accepted right and left eye. During this time, they are governed by red and blue filters on the three-dimensional glasses. If want to see videos that are not three dimensional, there is a choice to change the mode to normal view.

Sales of Apple TV Reaches 1 Million This Week

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Apple announced that their expectations for sales of Apple TV, which launched in September last, is 1 million units this weekend.

The latest version of Apple TV offers support for Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, as content streaming and rental prices are affordable for television programs, approximately USD99. It seems that Apple's strategy is successful, as it sold 1 million units within three and a half months. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Thursday (12/23/2010).

Apple claims that iTunes users are now renting and purchasing more than 400,000 television programs and more than 150,000 films a day.

Apple TV achievement is also a slap to Google, Google TV, which was once considered to be the main competitor Apple TV, and it turns out everything does not go according to plan them.

Some companies have blocked the broadcast network TV Google users access their content. A recent New York Times report says that some factories delay to display the Google TV in their exhibition, as it is felt Google should fix the software for these devices.

Amazon Kindle Sold Over 8 Million Units in 2010

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A recent report states that this year Amazon has sold e-reader device Kindle more than 8 million units, surpassing the previous forecast.

According to BusinessWeek, the Amazon Kindle sells 2.4 million devices in 2009. If the numbers are accurate, it means that sales of these devices has now reached more than three times a year. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Wednesday (12/22/2010).

Amazon says the Kindle 3 is a series with the fastest sales. But the company did not provide data regarding the numbers of such sale. No known reason why the Amazon Kindle sales data secret. But maybe it is a deliberate strategic move made by the company in the internet retail giant.

Amazon Kindle latest series, which launched earlier this year, smaller and faster. But the most popular of the latest Kindle is its affordability, which is approximately USD139. This is exactly what may be a factor increasing sales of Kindle devices.

Meanwhile, Apple has sold 4.19 million iPad device in the third quarter, half of Kindle sales figures. This stage is seen by many observers as the beginning of the competition on the future of e-book in for 2011 from both sides.