Logitech Lapdesk Touch N600: support multitouch touchpad laptop

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Logitech Lapdesk evolves, support for notebooks and netbook, with Touch Lapdesk N600, new version, characterised by a multitouch touchpad. Designed to support your laptop on your legs, the touchpad of the N600 goes to solve the problem of peripherals, offering a broader scope mounted on the notebook's touchpad and avoiding having to connect a mouse.

The 5-inch multitouch pad are and support scrolling with two fingers and touch gestures. The support is obviously insulation from heat, anti-slip and works using the Logitech Unifying receiver to connect to a single port peripherals Logitech. The battery should reach 6 months duration and price of 69.99 €.

Underwater Digi Cam Economic, Underwater Camera

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With the arrival of summer increase the odds of coming into contact with the water of the sea or swimming pool. On those occasions it would be a pity not to take photographs. Fortunately, the huge spread of compact cameras reduced selling prices, even for those waterproof.

The camera Underwater Digi Cam costs just $ 35, about 24 €, and allows you to take pictures up to 30 meters deep. The technical characteristics, however, are very simple: the sensor snaps photos at 1.3 megapixels and records video in VGA format without audio.

The internal memory is 16 MB, but you can expand with microSD cards. Inside there is also an LCD screen from 1.4. You can buy in the manufacturer's website.

Tucano Flexo: iPad 2 cover which runs from Smart Cover

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Tucano launches a new cover for iPad 2 which works like the Smart Cover official Apple and is versatile for use the iPad in different positions.

Made of black leather for the exterior and grey microfibre for the Interior, the cover does not bother when you use the iPad with the cover and the two-level adjustable stand allows the writing of texts or watching videos.

Flexo you can buy online or in stores to 66 €.

Ericsson Money: the service to send and receive money by phone

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Arrives in Europe Ericsson Money, a service that allows in 7 European countries to transfer and receive money via mobile phone. Subscribing to the service and creating a secure electronic wallet you can make a series of transactions.

The service relies on a rechargeable via bank account online or payment by credit card and is a way to send money easily to children or family members.

A tour on vacation, for example, you can adjust the cost through this service without circulate money counted and with precision to one hundredth to settle debts and those working abroad can send money to family.

The project is expanding and, in addition to rely on a card to make payments to pay bills, buy online and pay in the shops. On the official site you can sign up and see the video tutorial.

Even patches for Adobe Flash 10 on Android

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Android users, travel to update the player on your phone Flasher. A few days after the release of version 10.3 of the famous program, Adobe had to hurry up and make available new version of the player.

Reason for issuing the report, by Google, the presence of a vulnerability through which an attacker could take control of your phone, thanks to a simple link specially prepared and present on web pages or even e-mailed. From the changelog just published shows that Adobe also took advantage of the update to fix some problems playing movies on Samsung Galaxy S, as well as introducing various optimizations for Cortex A9 CPU OMAP4 or.

Updated absolutely recommended, indeed, of those to make it automatic.

RIM buys ScoreLoop: Platform for social gaming on the BlackBerry

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ScoreLoop is a platform for social gaming mobile recently finished under RIM that has purchased to enhance the BlackBerry ecosystem. In this way on BlackBerry will brief a toolkit for developers who will be able include games for friends to play with online, compare scores and interact with your social network.

A system similar to Plus +, already available on iPhone and Android in many games. If to this we add the integration of BlackBerry Messenger to chat in-game you can definitively say that RIM is pushing a lot also on mobile gaming.

The Nokia World Will be Organized in October in London

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One of the most important events of telephony world will be held in October in London. Nokia, in fact, is preparing to organize the Nokia World, the most important event for the company and which will see numerous innovations.

The events will be London, the beautiful European city that will see the launch of the first Nokia Phone with Windows instead of phones with Symbian. At the moment we do not know how many models will be presented and if the House has other Finnish ACEs in the sleeve to reveal.

It is important to know that there will be event and news too. Now it only remains to wait.

No Bada 1.2 for Samsung phones with WQVGA display

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Bad news for Samsung smartphone users with Bada OS and display resolution WQVGA (240 × 400).

According to the information published on the official of Samsung Bada handset Twitter account that category, which includes many models of middle-low made by Korean manufacturer, will not be upgradeable to Bada 1.2, the new version of the native Samsung OS, which will be available for Wave and Wave II.

Among the models excluded from update, Wave 525, 533, 575, 578, and 723. Sin, especially because Bada 1.2 does not require powerful hardware to run this to justify the exclusion of these models.

Parrot Mk6000 Smart: support for cell phone and speakerphone into a single product

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To prepare for summer Parrot MiniKit presents Smart: a kit that gathers in a single product that serves to fix the smartphone to the dashboard when it is used as a navigation and add the speaker for the speakerphone.

Usable both horizontally and vertically, the Parrot kit includes red and green buttons to answer and put already calls and rotating key for menu and volume. The green button activates voice recognition to call a contact in the phonebook.

The text-to-speech, finally, confirmation calls and communicates the name or number of the incoming call. In the package are the base with suction cups, plastic washer to attach it to the dashboard adhesive cable for cigarette lighter refill kit with mini-USB to USB and micro-basis for smartphones, all 100 €.