Elite Notebook: Light But Strong

Posted by tottx Wednesday, November 12, 2008 1 comments
Light strong notebooks is suitable to meet the needs of dynamic professionals with high mobility and productivity demands. Three notebook, which issued the latest Hewlett-Packard (HP) in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/11) is among the elite range notebok.

The third notebook is the HP EliteBook 2530p, HP EliteBook 2730p and HP EliteBook 6930p. It is designed with construction to the aircraft. With the framework made of magnesium notebook makes it stronger and lighter.

"Frame of magnesium, fully 18 times stronger than regular plastic," said Country Business Manager, Commercial Notebooks, HP Yohan Wijaya of Indonesia. All this notebook is also supported by a shock-resistant and the resistant keyboard liquid spills that can protect data from possible loss.

Reliability notebook also has been proven through the test MIL-STD 810F, which is a strict test with the military. In the test, the device can still work in extreme temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit 140. Notebooks are also still can operate in temperatures below minus 29 degrees centigrade or minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and at the same time also able to survive when shocks occur or when you are in a situation with high levels of humidity.

EliteBook ability and the strength of the material, because the material is from anoda coated aluminum and magnesium combined with the framework of Alloy. Anoda aluminum is used on the surface Palm rest with the touch-end HP DuraFinish that function as anti-stroke. Claimed strength reached six times more scratch-resistant than with the anti-scar that protect the notebook-notebook before.

Of the three notebook, the HP EliteBook 2530p is the smallest and lightest. This notebook is also equipped with built-in optical drive. The weight of this notebook is only 1.45 kg.

Meanwhile, HP EliteBook 2730p notebook is ultra thin and can be used as a tablet PC innovative sporty design with a weight of only 1.7 kg. This notebook screen can be rotated so that they can be changed based tablet pen with a thickness of only 1.11 inches (28.2 mm).

For users with high mobility can use the ultra slim battery accessory. Optional accessory that can increase endurance up to 15 hours of battery ..

Meanwhile, HP EliteBook 6930p to be produced for users who are mobilitasnya high frequency. Because the features are adjusted as the anti-shock hard drive. Notebooks with the weight of 2.1 kg is also equipped with a battery capable of supporting up to 15 hours and optional battery capacity for the use of ultra notebook up to 24 hours.

For all the latest notebook, the HP fix the price ranges up to 1,200 dollars 1,500 dollars U.S.