MSI GTX 460 1Gb 256bit DDR5 Cyclone Review

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GTX 460, Fermi affordable $ 220 USD paid off with a lot of features, such as DirectX 11 and PhysX, PhysX his performance was quite good. Fermi's famous hot so far been resolved by that newfangled Cyclone cooler.

GTX 460 has a core clock is overclocked from the factory, which defaults to 675Mhz, overclocked to 726Mhz, Memory and Shader remain the same with VGA Referencenya. Support DirectX 11 and PhysX, and using 40nm technology.

MSI GTX 460 1Gb 256bit DDR5 CycloneNice box with a satisfactory package, can be seen there Molex connector to 6-pin, DVI to VGA Analog converter, CD Driver, User Guide, and there is documentation book GTX 460.

6-pin power connector as much as 2 slots, the existence of as many as 2 seed heatpipes, fins made of alumminium, and a 9mm sized fan enough influence on the temperature. It has 2 DVI and 1 HDMI slot, and there is a sinkhole that formed the letters MSI.

Apparently with cooler cyclone, the specter of heat in the GPU Fermi temperature can be solved. For noise, the fan was noisy when the rotation reaches 80%, but the auto settings to play the game the fan speed only reaches 50% - 60%, so very Quite i think, for the temperature and noise.

MSI GTX 460 1Gb 256bit DDR5 Specifications
  • Core Clcok : 726Mhz
  • Memory Clock : 900Mhz
  • Memory Shader : 1451Mhz
  • Bus Width : 256Bit
  • Memory Type : GDDR5
  • DirectX Support : DirectX 11
  • Technology : 40nm

Good model and shape
Efficient cooling system

Wasteful of power than equivalent rivals VGA


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