Foursquare Add Comments Features and Photos

Posted by tottx Tuesday, December 21, 2010 0 comments
Foursquare, a popular location sharing service for smart phones, now adding a new feature in its service, where users have the ability to upload photos on their site check-in.
Also in the Foursquare also can let your friends know, by commenting on where the user check-in. So that was launched through the Strait Times, Tuesday (21/12/2010).
Your uploaded photos with check-ins will only be viewable by your friends at the Foursquare and other social networks that connect through the Foursquare, including Facebook and Twitter.
Meanwhile, only your friends at Foursquare and friends of friends you will be able to view photos uploaded comment. Users can also upload images along with tips on the site itself.
Until October, Foursquare this week will have 4 million users. This figure continues to grow after 50 days before the service has 3 million users.
Foursquare users increases every day about 20 thousand people. Rose significantly from previous estimates of about 15,500 users per day, at the time the new Foursquare has 3 million users.
Foursquare is a very impressive growth, can be driven by the release aid Foursquare 2.0 for iPhone and Android. In addition, because the attention of artists such as Conan O'Brien and hip-hop singer Big Boi.


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