Digital Alliance 9800GT 1GB 256Bit DDR3 Green Review

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Digital Alliance 9800GT 1GB 256Bit DDR3 Green Review. Apparently green is not always perform badly, even power-saving. Only requires a minimum 400W PSU. Cooler is large enough, and do not need 6-pin power connector, a feature of the green version. Let's look at the specs.

Digital Alliance 9800GT 1GB 256bit DDR3 Green Specifications
  • Core Clock: 550 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 1.8GHz (900X 2)
  • Memory Type: GDDR3
  • Memory Size: 1024MB (1GB)
  • Bus Width: 256 bits
Digital Alliance 9800GT 1GB 256Bit DDR3 Green
It has a core clock is lower than the reference VGA, which is usually 600MHz, lowered to 550MHz. The decrease for the VGA core clock is more power efficient. 50MHz difference is not too reduce the performance, after all this green version of its memory clock is higher than other standard VGA, which is 1800MHz, which should in his reference VGA 1500Mhz.

Models such as the graphics card box predecessors, bundle / content box is very minimal, can be seen there are only manual that contains the warranty card and CD drivers, and a cupon gift. Not even a converter DVI to HDMI, or DVI to VGA, perhaps because it already has a slot VGA Analog VGA, so no converter is provided.

Cooling is very impressive, with 30% speed, full load temperature of the graphics card can hold at 57C. This is one of the advantages of this version.

Digital Alliance 9800GT 1GB 256bit DDR3 Green, cheap and worth, although the green version, its performance is less with the GTX460, but the GTX460 is more advanced technology, such as shader models and DirectX support. Perhaps the 9800GT is old school version of the GTX460.

It's cheaper but the performance is not reduced much from other versions. Fan is very quiet, spinning at 30%, but still cold.

Content Boxes / Bundle a very minimal

Overall product is not bad!


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