Tutorial: How to Download Youtube Video on n95?

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How to Download Youtube Video on n95.
Downloading and installing YouTube for Mobile
  1. Press the main Menu button to the side of the central navigation key
  2. Scroll to highlight the Web icon Press the central navigation key to select
  3. You must now type in the address of the YouTube for Mobile download site. Press any key on the numberpad to take you into the address bar at the bottom of the display. Press the C key to clear the default www. in the address bar. Type in the correct address, so you have http://m.youtube.com/app in the address bar Press the Go to softkey option
  4. Scroll down to highlight the appropriate internet access point you want to use . Press Select
  5. You are now on the YouTube download site. Scroll down to highlight the Download YouTube link Press select
  6. The question Download and install 'YouTube'? appears onscreen . Press Yes
  7. Details of the application will appear onscreen Press Continue
  8. You will given the option of where in the phone's memory you want to store the application. Highlight the one you want and press Select
  9. A progress bar shows the application downloading , and then installing . When it's finished, a pop up message onscreen tells you Installation complete
  10. You must now exit the browser. Press Options. Scroll up or down to Exit Press Select. You are now returned to the main Menu screen.
Using YouTube for Mobile
  1. To open YouTube, in the main Menu, scroll to highlight the Applications icon. Press the central navigation key to select.
  2. Highlight the YouTube icon. Press select.
  3. A message appears onscreen asking Allow application YouTube to use network and send or receive data? Press Yes.
  4. You will be presented onscreen with a list of internet access points. Highlight the appropriate for one you - either via mobile network or WLAN - and press Select.
  5. A Terms of use list appears onscreen . Scroll down to read and if satisfied, press Accept.
  6. A YouTube warning appears onscreen. This points out that the application uses large amounts of data suggests you check that your mobile phone tariff has a flat rate for data . Press OK.
  7. You can now explore YouTube . As well the main panel options onscreen, you can press the Menu softkey to see extra options and fastkey shortcuts .

How to Upload Video To Facebook From Cell Phone

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You can upload videos from your cell phone directly to your Facebook Profile page. It's easy, You just need Cell Phone and Facebook Account. Here is How to Upload Video To Facebook From Your Cell Phone.
  1. Your cell phone number should registered with Facebook. If you are not sure, go ahead and log into your Facebook account. Go to the top of the page and click on "Settings". This will take you to the "My Account" page.
  2. Click on "Mobile" tab. On the Mobile tab, click "Register For Facebook Mobile Texts".
  3. This will open up a box labeled Step 1, Choose your Country and Mobile Service Provider from two drop-down boxes. Click on "Next".
  4. The next box, Step 2, tells you to do the following: "Using your mobile phone, send a text message containing only the letter "f" (without quotes) to 32665 (FBOOK)". Send the text message as instructed and then click on "Next" to go to Step 3.
  5. You will receive a text back from Facebook few seconds after you send your text to Facebook, that contains your alphanumeric mobile activation code. Go back to your Facebook page, enter the code in the box provided, and click on "Confirm".
  6. This will take you to the Confirmation page showing that the Facebook Mobile Application has been added to your profile.
  7. Now your mobile account is setup, you need to make sure that the Facebook Video Application is activated for your account.
  8. Click on the Video Icon which will take you to the Facebook Video page. You should see a section that says, "Welcome To Video". Click on the link in that section that says something to the effect of, "Publish Videos From Your Mobile".
  9. Once you send this text, you will receive a text message back from Facebook with a Mobile Video Confirmation code. Enter this code in the box provided on this page and your video account will be activated.
  10. You are now ready to upload a video! Take a video with your cell phone and send it as a video message.
If you want to add a caption to your video, just include it in the subject line of your message! Very shortly, the video you uploaded will appear on your Facebook page. It will be positioned at the top of your message column with any caption you wrote below it. Any videos you upload will also be saved in your Profile under Videos for you and others to view later on.

How to Get Youtube Music into iTunes?

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Get musics from youtube videos into itunes, so easy.
  1. Download the youtube videos to computer hard drive, there are many websites can free download youtube videos, just search "download youtube videos" on yahoo or google, such as keepvid, clipnabber, etc.
  2. convert downloaded youtube videos to m4a(aac) format musics which is the best format musics for itunes, use RZ Audio Converter to do that easily, easy to use, it can convert any videos or musics to any format musics, such as convert downloaded youtube videos to m4a(aac) musics for itunes.
  3. Import the converted m4a(aac) musics into iTunes

How to Prevent Hardisk Drives Accessed by Other User Account in Windows 7?

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How to Prevent Hardisk Drives Accessed by Other User Account in Windows 7.

Right click on drive select properties > Security tab > Advanced > in permission tab select Change permission > remove all users.
Now you remove all users to access in this drive.
Click on add > advanced > find now chose administrator > ok Now will open a dialogue box in this check full control allow > ok > ok ok > close.

Now this drive access only administrator, all users haven't permission to access this drive.
do this process in all drive you want to change permission.

Tutorial: How To Import a .mov Video on to Windows Movie

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How To Import a .mov Video on to Windows Movie. Generally Windows Movie Maker support .asf, .avi, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, .wmv. So you can convert your movies file to any of them above.
  1. Convert Video/Audio to Windows Movie Maker format.
  2. Add a video to Windows Movie Maker

Tutorial: How To Upload Videos to Youtube from iPod touch 4th generation?

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How To Upload Videos to Youtube from iPod touch 4th generation.
  1. Go to the video, then on the bottom left corner, there is a square and an arrow pointing right.
  2. Tap on that and there should be a gray button that says "upload (or send) to youtube" tap on that.

Tutorial: How To Import a .3gp Video on to Windows Movie Maker

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How To Import a .3gp Video on to Windows Movie Maker. Windows movie maker supports wmv or mpeg2 videos well, so you need to use a right software to convert 3gp video to the right wmv or mpeg2 video for Windows Movie Maker.

Use converter which can convert any videos or audios between different formats with good quality, such as convert 3gp video to the right wmv or mpeg2 video for Windows Movie Maker. Then you can import the converted wmv or mpeg2 video into windows movie maker.

Sharp Galapagos, Tablet Made in Japan

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Japanese manufacturer, Sharp Electronics joined the race on the tablet computer market is booming. Sharp Corp. has started selling the e-reader Galapagos in Japan this year. Next year, Sharp will begin marketing it to the U.S.. The next target, Sharp will reach Europe and China, to compete with IPAD products from the Mac and the Kindle from Amazon.com.

Sharp Galapagos"After the sale in the U.S., we will search for new markets where the electronic book sales continue to mengalam improvement," said Masami Ohbatake, Sharp Corp. executive business communications. Galapagos Sharp went on sale in Japan since 10 December, with a choice of two models, each 5.5 inches at 474 U.S. dollars and 10.8 inches at 653 U.S. dollars.

Previously, other Japanese manufacturers, Sony Corp., are also determined to generate more business e-Reader to boost its market share in the electronic book industry. Electronic book sales worldwide are expected to increase to 26.5 million units through 2014. The amount is already included sales of tablet PCs like the iPad.

"I'm not sure the Galapagos can win the market," said Atul Goyal senior analyst at CLSA Asia Pacific in Singapore. This product must compete with similar products are increasingly widespread, but that with a fairly high price and no great brand strength will be difficult to make this product in the market.

Sony Ericsson Prepare Cybershot 16.4 MP Mobilephone

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Sony Ericsson did not want to miss innovate. Japanese-Swedish vendor is preparing the phone with a powerful 16.4 megapixel camera.

Special indeed because so far, it seems there is no phone that carries a resolution of it. Series this one will add Cybershot family members, and called the Sony Ericsson Cybershot S006.

Cyber-shot S006 is being tested by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, will be the first handset with sensor technology from Sony's Exmor S. This technology allows the camera to function well in low light situations.

Specs leaked handset is quite impressive. Snapdragon 1GHz processor, 3.3 inch touch screen, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and GPS will be included in it. That said, the Cybershot series was also water resistant.

Arrival Cybershot S006 is predicted when the Sony exhibit 16.4 MP camera module mobile phone last October. Unfortunately, the OS that was adopted apparently only from Sony Ericsson's own proprietary.

This phone will be marketed first in Japan by mid-2011 the operator KDDI. Currently no information on whether Sony Ericsson will sell in the global market.

Prevent Windows, China Make Local OS

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China was already supposed to be the king in his own country, including the use of software. Recently, China is preparing a local's operating system for ejecting Windows.

China Standard Software Company (CSS) center in cooperation with the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), to produce local OS that understands the needs of domestic users.

"This cooperation is able to realize our ambition to create an operating system with local flavor, and strong for China," said a spokesman for CSS, as reported by Computer World, Wednesday (22/12/2010).

Previously CSS has developed a Linux-based NeoShine, the use of which has taken place among government, business and personal computers. While NUDT, develop alternative KylinOS as security against foreign software such as Windows.

In the Bamboo Curtain countries, Microsoft's Windows operating system is still popular among office users. Although the artificial CSF and NUDT software is already widely used computers in government offices in China.

Unfortunately not known when this OS will slide in China because of the CSS and NUDT still keep it a secret.

Philips Blade 23-inch LED Ultra Thin Monitor

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There comes a new monitor from Philips MMD, it is the LED 234CL2SB, better known by the more appealing name "Blade. "

Often 12.9 mm, the blade design is enhanced by the touch controls on the base of the monitor that regulate power, sharpness and brightness of the display. In the absence of tactile feedback of buttons, touch controls illuminate to indicate that the input has been received.

Philips LED 234CL2SB BladeWith 2 ms response time of this monitor is ideal for both games via computer or via the console through HDMI and VGA inputs. The audio output can also add a pair of headphones or a subwoofer.

16:9 and SmartContrast of 20.000.000:1 also allow a good view of the film though, of course, check the contrast and the real yield of blacks live before issuing a verdict.

If you are looking for a monitor you can purchase Blade from January 2011.

Acer HD244HQ 23.6 inches 3D monitor

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Acer continues to offer products dedicated to 3D with the new Acer HD244HQ, 3D Full HD 23.6 inches monitor.

Designed for the PC but also compatible with Blu-Ray players and game consoles with the HDMI input, this monitor enhances clarity of 3D images to the 3D shutter developed compared to the competition with three times the brightness of the declared results usually obtained (if we consider that the decline penthouses with glasses is 16% we are to suffer a reduction in brightness of only about 5%).

With the monitor we find a pair of 3D glasses and IR emitter (integrated in the frame). The display is LED backlit and promises a contrast of 12.000.000:1 with Full HD 1080p resolution and, as required by the 3D technology, a refresh rate of 120 Hz (2 ms response time, very good for games).

With Acer eColor Management, finally, optimize the image automatically according to what we are doing, to make it versatile for uses not multimedia and save energy. In the film, however, the contrast is adjusted dynamically according to the scene.

Acer HD244HQ will be available in February 2011 with two years warranty.

Apple Updates iPhoto to version 9.1.1

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Apple updated its software for organizing and editing photos, iPhoto '11 component of iLife '11, version 9.1.1. The update adds new themes and Repair option of sending email options to send email using an application other than Mail and to select the images to be sent by mail (small, medium, large). The update also addresses several issues and improves overall stability.

Although users can always submit your photos via iPhoto '11 by simply dragging the icon of your mail client, the option to do everything automatically disappeared from the preferences. Same mysterious fate has befallen the option to choose the size of the photos you send.

The update is available via the Software Update pane or via the Support Downloads section of the official website. The update is recommended for all users and requires Mac OS X 10.6.3 or later.

How to Upgrade to IOS 4.2

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How to Upgrade to IOS 4.2. Official Apple device users can now feel the additional capabilities offered by IOS 4.2. There are several steps that must be done to upgrade the new operating system capabilities.

Compatible gagdet
The first step to start the IOS 4.2 upadate this, first make sure your device is compatible with IOS 4.2. Here's a device that supports IOS 4.2; iPad, iPhone 3G, 3G, and iPhone 4, iPod Touch 2nd, 3nd, 4nd Generation

ITunes Update
Before the update to IOS 4.2, make sure you've updated iTunes to version 1.10 on a Mac or PC. Mac users can go to Apple menu> Software Update, while Windows users can select Help> Software Update to ensure the latest version of iTunes is already installed.

Data Backup
IOS update 4.2 to iPhone OS can erase data on your mobile phone and then restore it. Just as data in computer, information about the data IPAD, iPhone or iPod touch can be forever lost if not supported. Back up data in iTunes every time you synchronize with a Mac or PC, so you should have a copy of all your important information securely stored.

Ready to update
Next visit the AppStore is available on iTunes and on iPhone or iPad make sure you have the latest versions of all your applications. Most applications should run well after you update the IOS 4.2.

Firefox Will Embed Do Not Track Features

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Concerns about privacy in the real world continues to increase. Mozilla is trying to realize it by presenting the latest browsing software next year.

Firefox web browsing software allows users to hide their privacy, particularly in removing traces of their online activity. This software will be provided free of charge.

"We believe the Internet community requires technology that can erase their tracks in cyberspace. We believe they do not want do not want to know, which sites they've visited," said Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs, as quoted by the Straits Times, Monday (20 / 12/2010).

According to Kovacs, the user has the right to control their own privacy while on the move in cyberspace. The reason for this kind of information has been misused by internet service providers to support and personalize advertising services on the Internet so that more targeted. Unfortunately, such information would never have asked permission first to the parties concerned internet users.

"It's not advertising but this is not good about what they did to that information. Every time you visit a site, will be illustrated how your lifestyle really is. A lot of data that they have taken only to provide us with unwanted ads," said Kovacs .

The same thing will be done when launching Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (IE9) them. In IE9 users it is possible to deter third parties who want to track style internet users. Feature called 'Tracking Protection' that will be pinned on IE9 trial version that will be launched early next year.

IE9 Users can enable 'tracking protection' and create a list of third-party companies that are not desired.

Microsoft Will Boost Kinect Ability?

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Microsoft may be planning to increase its ability Kinect devices. The tool will make it more accurate than exist in today's market.

This is based on the fact that Microsoft Kinect actually be to display the image resolution is far higher than users realize. This means that these devices have the potential to run at 640 x 480 pixel display, compared with the present that is, 320 x 240. Similarly, as quoted from Pocket-Lint, on Wednesday (22/12/2010).

This development indicates that the increase is also needed for the Xbox 360, in order to store more data to be transmitted to the console. If these increases do mean Microsoft Kinect able to detect finger movement and rotation of the hand.

News from Eurogamer stated that the issue of low-res at Kinect currently comes from the display face USB controller, capable of up to about 35 MBps, but used only about 15-16 MBps. This restriction is based on the ability of the XBox to use a lot of USB devices.

If Microsoft is really going to do Kinect ability Kinect then the specifications in the camera will also be increased two-fold.

Kinect is gaming and entertainment device in the form of motion control by Microsoft. First launched on 4 November 2010.

Dell Inspiron M301z New 13 Inches Notebook Options

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For those of you who are looking for an alternative medium-size notebooks, Dell Inspiron M301z might be an option. This laptop size of 13.3 inches.

This portable computer is not too light, but also not too heavy, which is about 1.78 kilograms. Conditions are so because M301z been equipped Inspiron 6 cell battery which contributes the greatest weight, but making it can be used longer than a standard laptop, which usually only lasting 3 to 3.5 hours.

Dell Inspiron M301zSupported computing AMD Athlon Turion TII Neo K625. The quality of graphics was already equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 integrated. His capacity of 640 GB hard drive and RAM memory that supports up to 8 GB. This laptop also has an HDMI port equipped to play high-definition video to the screen.

Dell Inspiron M301z may be suitable for you who want a full-featured and have a fairly high mobility, but with the budget is not too big.

Trick: How to upgrade Xperia X8 to Android 2.1

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These are step by step upgrade Xperia X8 to Android 2.1
  1. Plug your phone to a computer with a USB cable menggnakan, PC Companion will instantly appear or click http://www.sonyericsson.com/update and follow the directions.
  2. You will get a notification about the latest updates and benefits, select the update for details.
  3. The update process will begin and you will be asked to read and understand the process to Back Up & Restore your data.
  4. You will be taken to download Back Up & Restore application and then perform the process of backing up / saving data you have available.
  5. You'll be taken to the update process, follow the instructions from the PC Companion. Your phone will be updated at this point.
  6. The update process is complete and you will be asked to update the phone. The update process will take some time. Then you'll be taken to restore / call data that you back up / save at the beginning of the process.

Conditions that must be considered when upgrading via a PC Companion or website Sony Ericsson is the existence of a stable broadband internet connection and condition of computers and mobile phones being upgraded in a state or a fully charged battery is full.