Spiderpodium: dock review for versatile eight-legged smartphone

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Spiderpodium is a dock for your mobile phone or smartphone in places and in different positions. Here we wanted to try it on underwater national geographic to test its validity.

Discarded packaging, Spiderpodium shows itself in all its brilliance and simplicity: eight-legged soft plastic so as not to scratch the phone and a soul metal to ensure strength and tightness.

That is just you see is: If you hang your smartphone with this contraption, resist? Well Yes. We've done several tests to test the strength of this product. The first was to hang a leg of mobile phone hooked Spiderpodium.

Flexibility legs of each cell can be fixed, just bend the legs of the spider so that shroud the phone. Once folded for good, the weight of the smartphone does not affect the tight spiderpodium, ensuring maximum security for our device.

In addition to test docking "static" we wanted to test the spider as well as support for the mobile phone in the car. The legs you can hook to spiderpodium vents Central dashboard to provide a dock a little invasive and easily removable without the use of stickers, cups or perforate the dashboard.

Tried for a distance of 30 Km between the city and tangential Spiderpodium manning fine smartphone and also managed to successfully absorb vibrations of potholes and cobblestones.

The latest test was that of the bike. To risking not I used an old Tytn II (often heavy compared to modern smartphone) and well I fixed to the handlebars. Evidence of approximately 3 Km has been successful and you could use also as support from Spiderpodium moto/bike, being able to fix it not just on the barrel (why would rotate) but also a third tip using at least one other paw.

In addition to dock the Navigator, music, videos, or keep the phone on the desk while it syncs with your PC, it is excellent when Spiderpodium snapping a photo. You can use either as a stand by with minimal space when transporting, whether for setting your phone to a tree or some structure when you make a self-timer.

In conclusion, it is a product really managed, comfortable, convenient for compact, versatile and durable adjustable legs. The price is in line with other accessories for smartphones and the qualities mentioned above warrant.


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