Digital football with Arduino which connects to your smartphone

Posted by tottx Thursday, May 26, 2011 0 comments

# Next11 (where we had already seen the dock-typewriter for iPad) team showed another project geekdom: a football that exploits the arduino platform, a series of sensors and WiFi for interfacing with tablets and Smartphones.

This allows digital football record automatically scores using a photo sensor in the two ports. As soon as the ball passes in front of the photocell signal is sent to the Arduino microcontroller which then sends it to an application on the mobile phone (any since it's web-based) score.

To add a touch of "social" application, everyone can create their own profile and share with others information, scores and medals.

On the site digital football you can find instructions on how to implement the project (it is still in progress, the last step will be added soon) and the list of materials and accessories to buy, for a total of 150 €.


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