All-New NOOK ereader from Barnes, new & Noble

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Barnes Noble & amazes everyone by presenting a new ereader, the All-New NOOK, and by the time the wake created by the "tablet-ereader" Nook Color.

The All-New NOOK, "The Simple Touch Reader" as defined by the brand, is an ebook reader that promises high performance, with e-ink screen Pearl 6 inch fully touchscreen, boasting about the right to change page much faster than all its competitors (80% less lag, according to official information).

The new All-New NOOK would then also more compact than its predecessors, and a weight really handy with 212 grams; the wi-fi disappoint the expectations of those who hoped for an ebook reader with 3 g, as well as using Android 2.1 does not satisfy those who expected the Honeycomb. (After the jump you can find the video presentation).

The All-New NOOK offers 2 GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD, and a battery that proclaims himself as extremely durable, with 2 months of life thanks to a single charge.

From June 10, the new ebook reader will be available in the United States at 139 dollars (about 99 euros to change). Prices therefore appear to fall more and more, at least for these devices. Not only remains to hope that the same trend is followed here too.

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