Intel Atom Tablet produced by Acer coming in July?

Posted by tottx Thursday, May 26, 2011 0 comments

Intel will bring Android 3.0 x 86 Atom Honeycomb thanks to tablet on which the company is actively working on, as announced. Until today we didn't have an estimate of time for release, but today we find that we could see the Android tablet with Atom CPU Honeycomb sooner than expected: according to Digitimes, we'll see in July. With Honeycomb available for x 86 platform, a whole series of producers can get their hands on Android without handing over ARM-based products. In the future we may see Honeycomb also on netbooks with a decent experience.

It only remains to wait for the next few months to see what will succeed if Intel and Acer to churn out a competitive product on a market already saturated enough, Android hasn't the success hoped for.


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