Synchronization and Backup Your BlackBerry with Linux through LinBerry

Posted by tottx Thursday, December 23, 2010 0 comments
The faithful who use a BlackBerry for business or pleasure, as this will not go much agree with all the computers other than Windows. This was valid up to a year ago when RIM, in a move counter to other competitors, the official version released for Mac.

Since then, water under the bridge saw many, issue after issue, up to the implementation of very useful features such as wireless transfer. However, a good chunk of users must resort to tricks to make anything easier when using the Linux operating system. To offer them the features of synchronization, backup and more thinks LinBerry specific software for Ubuntu 10.10 and the other most common distributions able to speak to the newer models with that operating system.

The software is in the early versions, but lends itself very well and it works fine, as long as you are comfortable with the Spanish language. At the moment, in fact, the application only in Spanish-language.


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