Microsoft Partners: 1.5 Million Delivered Windows 7 Phone in 6 Weeks

Posted by tottx Thursday, December 23, 2010 1 comments
Finally, Microsoft has revealed the first official figures on sales of terminals with the new operating system Windows 7 Mobile. According to estimates published, were sold (from producers to traders and official retailers) 1.5 WP 7 million smartphones in the first six weeks after launch.

Record sales volumes delivered to referring to the terminal operators and retailers is a standard in this industry and Microsoft is keen to stress, and treats the numbers provided to those usually reported by other companies such as Nokia, Samsung or LG.

As always, the spread of these numbers has triggered reactions of various kinds. On Twitter, many people declared bankruptcy, comparing the sales of WP7 in six weeks to those of Android / iPhone in less than one week. This type of reaction is disproportionate and every aspect should be considered in context: WP7 is a completely new platform, a challenge for Microsoft and for users who decide to try it and 1.5 million phones sold (even if sales channels retail) is still a good number.

Microsoft and partners are almost to the point of smartphones to deliver 1 million per month, or 12 million phones WP7 year, so not a staggering number, but even a premature failure as determined by some. Consider that were sold 6 million iPhones of the first models in 12 months and Google has put us six months to deliver the first Android million handsets at launch.

So, if we look at the numbers provided by Microsoft and compare them with the data set just for the iPhone and Android, WP7 is doing better than the two predecessors at the same moment in history. True, Microsoft has started the adventure with many more partners from the manufacturers own part in many more countries and telcos with more than Android and iPhone at the beginning and the smartphone market is now larger and more widespread.

Trying to forget the many "if" and various "but" we should keep an eye on what happens with the Christmas sales and just get the first update for Windows 7 Phone, trying to think about the long term.


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