Amazon Kindle Sold Over 8 Million Units in 2010

Posted by tottx Thursday, December 23, 2010 0 comments
A recent report states that this year Amazon has sold e-reader device Kindle more than 8 million units, surpassing the previous forecast.

According to BusinessWeek, the Amazon Kindle sells 2.4 million devices in 2009. If the numbers are accurate, it means that sales of these devices has now reached more than three times a year. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Wednesday (12/22/2010).

Amazon says the Kindle 3 is a series with the fastest sales. But the company did not provide data regarding the numbers of such sale. No known reason why the Amazon Kindle sales data secret. But maybe it is a deliberate strategic move made by the company in the internet retail giant.

Amazon Kindle latest series, which launched earlier this year, smaller and faster. But the most popular of the latest Kindle is its affordability, which is approximately USD139. This is exactly what may be a factor increasing sales of Kindle devices.

Meanwhile, Apple has sold 4.19 million iPad device in the third quarter, half of Kindle sales figures. This stage is seen by many observers as the beginning of the competition on the future of e-book in for 2011 from both sides.


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