LG Optimus One, Navigation Application Thus Mainstay

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LG released the Android phone called Optimus One. This phone is not put forward the super-sophisticated specification, these products actually promote the navigation system in it.

LG is somewhat less diligent in releasing Android phones. Not without reason, the Korean handset manufacturer is apparently still looking for the right time to mobilize all the champion.

However, it does not mean it makes LG stops refreshing its product line. Their latest flagship is Optimus One. What are the capabilities?

Steady grip
LG Optimus OneOptimus Form One is not much different from its predecessor, elegant with minimalist buttons. This phone brings measuring 3.2 inch screen capable of displaying resolutions up to 320 X 480 pixels. This means users will get a fairly sharp image.

This phone also feels right at hand, especially rubber material embedded in the back makes it easy to slippery. While grasping, the thumb was not difficult to use for navigation. Each touch is so smooth and precise.

14 Application Ready to Eat
When thrown on the market, promising LG phone has been equipped with 14 applications that are fun. One of them NDrive, which is equipped with navigation applications offline map in it.

Indeed, any Android phone users can taste NDrive but will be charged a subscription fee. Especially for owners of Optimus One, the application can be enjoyed free of charge forever.

Map available at NDrive also fairly detailed, complete with voice navigation and display 3-dimensional structure.

Besides NDrive, LG Optimus One also comes with 13 other applications in between, OI File Manager, Shazam, Movie Finder, Bumb, Display, Foursquare and others.

In addition to providing applications from third parties, LG also buried his application namely, Application Advisor. Function, the application will recommend applications are most interested in Android.

Given there are over 300 thousand applications in the Android market, the LG-made program assumes it can be very helpful.

Optimus One is equipped with 600MHz processor with 512 MB memory capacity. So obviously if the viscera are not the advantages of this phone, but the navigation applications that are difficult to find the product class.


JAP said...
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R Mugesh said...

Some of the LG Optimus One phones have authorisation issues with NDrive. Especially the July 2011 manufactured phones. LG service center was not able to resolve the issue.

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