Firefox Will Embed Do Not Track Features

Posted by tottx Wednesday, December 22, 2010 0 comments
Concerns about privacy in the real world continues to increase. Mozilla is trying to realize it by presenting the latest browsing software next year.

Firefox web browsing software allows users to hide their privacy, particularly in removing traces of their online activity. This software will be provided free of charge.

"We believe the Internet community requires technology that can erase their tracks in cyberspace. We believe they do not want do not want to know, which sites they've visited," said Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs, as quoted by the Straits Times, Monday (20 / 12/2010).

According to Kovacs, the user has the right to control their own privacy while on the move in cyberspace. The reason for this kind of information has been misused by internet service providers to support and personalize advertising services on the Internet so that more targeted. Unfortunately, such information would never have asked permission first to the parties concerned internet users.

"It's not advertising but this is not good about what they did to that information. Every time you visit a site, will be illustrated how your lifestyle really is. A lot of data that they have taken only to provide us with unwanted ads," said Kovacs .

The same thing will be done when launching Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (IE9) them. In IE9 users it is possible to deter third parties who want to track style internet users. Feature called 'Tracking Protection' that will be pinned on IE9 trial version that will be launched early next year.

IE9 Users can enable 'tracking protection' and create a list of third-party companies that are not desired.


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