Sharp Galapagos, Tablet Made in Japan

Posted by tottx Wednesday, December 22, 2010 0 comments
Japanese manufacturer, Sharp Electronics joined the race on the tablet computer market is booming. Sharp Corp. has started selling the e-reader Galapagos in Japan this year. Next year, Sharp will begin marketing it to the U.S.. The next target, Sharp will reach Europe and China, to compete with IPAD products from the Mac and the Kindle from

Sharp Galapagos"After the sale in the U.S., we will search for new markets where the electronic book sales continue to mengalam improvement," said Masami Ohbatake, Sharp Corp. executive business communications. Galapagos Sharp went on sale in Japan since 10 December, with a choice of two models, each 5.5 inches at 474 U.S. dollars and 10.8 inches at 653 U.S. dollars.

Previously, other Japanese manufacturers, Sony Corp., are also determined to generate more business e-Reader to boost its market share in the electronic book industry. Electronic book sales worldwide are expected to increase to 26.5 million units through 2014. The amount is already included sales of tablet PCs like the iPad.

"I'm not sure the Galapagos can win the market," said Atul Goyal senior analyst at CLSA Asia Pacific in Singapore. This product must compete with similar products are increasingly widespread, but that with a fairly high price and no great brand strength will be difficult to make this product in the market.


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