How to Upgrade to IOS 4.2

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How to Upgrade to IOS 4.2. Official Apple device users can now feel the additional capabilities offered by IOS 4.2. There are several steps that must be done to upgrade the new operating system capabilities.

Compatible gagdet
The first step to start the IOS 4.2 upadate this, first make sure your device is compatible with IOS 4.2. Here's a device that supports IOS 4.2; iPad, iPhone 3G, 3G, and iPhone 4, iPod Touch 2nd, 3nd, 4nd Generation

ITunes Update
Before the update to IOS 4.2, make sure you've updated iTunes to version 1.10 on a Mac or PC. Mac users can go to Apple menu> Software Update, while Windows users can select Help> Software Update to ensure the latest version of iTunes is already installed.

Data Backup
IOS update 4.2 to iPhone OS can erase data on your mobile phone and then restore it. Just as data in computer, information about the data IPAD, iPhone or iPod touch can be forever lost if not supported. Back up data in iTunes every time you synchronize with a Mac or PC, so you should have a copy of all your important information securely stored.

Ready to update
Next visit the AppStore is available on iTunes and on iPhone or iPad make sure you have the latest versions of all your applications. Most applications should run well after you update the IOS 4.2.


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