Ericsson Money: the service to send and receive money by phone

Posted by tottx Wednesday, June 8, 2011 0 comments

Arrives in Europe Ericsson Money, a service that allows in 7 European countries to transfer and receive money via mobile phone. Subscribing to the service and creating a secure electronic wallet you can make a series of transactions.

The service relies on a rechargeable via bank account online or payment by credit card and is a way to send money easily to children or family members.

A tour on vacation, for example, you can adjust the cost through this service without circulate money counted and with precision to one hundredth to settle debts and those working abroad can send money to family.

The project is expanding and, in addition to rely on a card to make payments to pay bills, buy online and pay in the shops. On the official site you can sign up and see the video tutorial.


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