Blackberry Shortcut

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The number of Blackberry users have made this device more often unexplored. Some of the buttons in the Blackberry qwerty keypad is also predicted to save many secrets if combined.

Shortcut Navigation on Blackberry e-mail
N: for the next email
P: for previous email
U: for unread emails

Shortcut to navigation in the browser
Q: top content
B: content bottom
[space]: to scroll down
[shift / Aa the left] and [space] to scroll to the top
[alt]: display the options menu in your browser

Information access devices, both the PIN, IMEI and others
press the [alt] + [Aa] + [H] together
through the status menus can also, although the process is much longer

Restart Blackberry (if you have a hang)
[alt] + [Aa-right] + [del]

To follow twitter account from your Blackberry can also be done shortly. But the condition, you must activate the Twitter application for BlackBerry (API) first.

1. Select compose email
2. write down the address of the intended twitter account, complete with an @ in front.
For example: @titHOT
3. press menu option will appear under the menu menu Follow Get Timeline
4. Press follow, you just have to be connected with the intended twitter.
5. Get Timeline menu can also be pressed to display the timeline in a twitter account automatically referred.


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